Download DotA 6.72f AI v1.2 + Change Log




Change Log:

  • Fixed: Windrunner group lost bug removed.
  • Fixed: Some minor tweak in aiming func.
  • Fixed: Human KotL auto-using Recall.
  • Fixed: Delay bug in AIAttackedByHumanHero
  • Added storing of learn and use skills by heroes.
  • Fixed: Magnus' not using Reverse.
  • Fixed: Magnus' itembuild.
  • Applied range check to Sprout (Furion's) and Shackle (Rhasta, plus disable check). Now both won't use the spell against enemy out of range -> no rambo mode, no missed Sprout.
  • Tauren now use ability to join with idle spirit.
  • Fixed: KotL Illuminate, added extra use.
  • Improved AI: usage of SandKing's Burrowstrike and Epi-Blink.
  • Little improvement on Shadowfiend's Shadow Raze
  • Undid all fake abilities, changing base order instead. (Troll's Ranged Whirling Axe, Batrider's Firebreak, Phoenix' Sun Ray)
  • Fixed: Akasha not using ulti.
  • Fixed: incorrect SunRay order.
  • Fixed: Lone Druid not using Rabid and some bug in Battlecry usage.
  • Fixed: problems in channel-based skills.
  • Fixed: some bugs related to skill learning, esp. Huskar.
  • Meld should not decrease building's armor anymore.
  • Fair aggro attempt. Orb attack do not count as attack.
  • Fixed: Leshrac's AI (now use Edict and Nova properly)
  • Applied the "free mode" to AI's scroll of town portal (supposedly decrease tp-cancel probability).
  • AI Assault Cuirass Recipe fix: 1500 -> 1300

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