Mapas de Warcraft para RPG

Este post é dedicado a todos os amantes de mapas customizados de Warcraft III e as salas de RPG do Brasil! 
Se faltar algum mapa que você goste, deixe um comentário que irei adicionar.
Por favor demorei muito para fazer este post, se for copiar deixe a fonte do meu blog. ;)

DotA imba AI 3.79e en stable

DotA v6.70c OMG AI v0.4_2.w3x

Green Circle TD Mega 10.2.w3x

Bleach vs Naruto v1.0a

Bleach vs One Piece v6.25.w3x


X Hero Siege v6.30.w3x

Element TD 4.3b.w3x

Map Naruto Shippuuden Ninpou 6.8g ENG

Tom and Jerry 2011 v2.2.w3x

Mafa TD Full Queen v8.1.w3x

Pokemon Nation Revolution 1.7F.w3x

Naruto World Wars 3.5.2 - NWW-3.5.2.w3x

Naruto Castle Defense v10.1T8.w3x

Troll And Elves VN V3.0.w3x


PokemonDefense Final.w3x

Pudge Wars v2.01f.w3x

Kodo Tag X-treme v6.7 fixed.w3x

FOCS3 Another 8.8zd(Asia).w3x (7 MB)

Divide and Fight v1.30b.w3x

Nevermore vs Mirana 7.3.w3x

Age of Warfare v1.18b.w3x

Legion TD Mega 3.41.w3x

Legion TD Mega 3.41 is released ! !

Build towers to defend your team's King from attackers.
Each level, your towers become units and fight for you.
Harvest lumber with workers. Use lumber to buy summons to attack the other team and increase your income. Lumber can also be used to upgrade your team's King's stats.
Defeat the enemy King to win.Game Mode :

Primary Mode:
-AP : All Pick - All players can pick any race. 
-AP : All Random - All players are given a random race. 
-SD : Single Draft - All players are given 2 random races to choose. 
-HP : Host Pick - host pick a race, every given same race as host. 

Secondary Mode:
-mm : Master Mind - Restricted vision on enemy's map and information. 
-hg : Hour Glass - Receive gold for enemy leaks (that reach the King). 
-gg : Get Gold - Receive gold from kills at middle (near king). 
-cb : Change Builder - You can pay to change to a new builder. 
-li : Limit Incomer - Pure income is disabled untill lvl10+. 
-X3 : 3 Time - more creeps spawn Default Mode: if you don't enter mode in 15 seconds after game start, it will use "-aphgggmmcbx3" as defualt mode.

Quick Mode: if mode string is 3 characters long, it will use Quick Mode. eg "-ap"
-AP = "-aphgggmmcbx3" 
-SD = "-aplihgggmmcbx3" 
-AR = "-aplihgggmmcbx3" 
-HP = "-aplihgggmmcbx3" Short Mode: make mode shorter for Hostbot or player
"gm" = gg + mm 
"gc" = gg +cb 
"gl" = gg +li 
"cl" = cb +li
(hg & x3 is default, don't need to type)

Resident Evil Snow V3.3.w3x

Sniper Arena Revolution v 3.35(+AI)

PoKeMoN Racing.w3x

Reborn Vs Naruto v1.4.w3x

DotA v6.70a BYS v1.w3x

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